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Solutions - Voucher Management System

Voucher Management System(VMS)

Voucher Management System(VMS) is an electronic voucher management system designed to manage the entire lifecycle of vouchers from the printing of vouchers to distribution and finally redeeming it. It is a high-security voucher system that uses complex technologies to make the entire process effortless, accurate and safe. S2T-VMS can handle queries; generate PINs across a wide range of industries such as telecom businesses and retail stores.

VMS is endowed is a rich-feature voucher system that can detect fraudulent attempts and report it instantly for corrective steps. We use customizable algorithms to make it impenetrable for hackers. It is best for pre-paid businesses that heavily depend on a safe environment.

VMS is preferred for its robust construction on a flexible platform to simultaneously support millions of transactions flawlessly and precisely. Typically our S2T-VMS is used by diverse industry groups such as calling cards, mobile phone services, internet, Direct to Home Television with multiple denominations.

Salient Features

Why use our Voucher Management System?

  • Avoids the use of multiple software and the hassles associated with integrating them into a single functional solution.
  • System integration capability. You can integrate the VMS with other software seamlessly to provide a unified touch and feel.
  • Brings down the total operation costs and increases profitability by eliminating venues that lead to financial losses.