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Solutions - PROFITPLUS Cloud ERP

PROFITPLUS Cloud ERP Solutions


Today’s competitive business landscape demands efficient enterprise solutions to run the business. Building a profitable enterprise amidst global competition, requires a powerful, flexible, scalable and robust ERP. We understand that the ERP landscape is undergoing a rapid change. Cloud-enabled ERP solutions will provide you an advantage to take your business to the next level.

Profitplus Enterprise ERP Solutions helps your business to grow and allows you to stay focused on your business. It aligns your different department of business to work together to achieve desired results.

Profitplus Enterprise ERP software understands your business and works for your success. A cloud based, fully integrated enterprise solution, which delivers powerful functionalities through seamless interaction between modules. As a result, it helps you to take the right decision at the right time with greater control over your business irrespective of wherever you are, in a cost effective way.

Major Differentiators

  • Manages every area of your business – Sales, Purhase, Inventory, Finance, Manufacturing, HRMS, CRM and more
  • Any customization is possible using the AUVIT BPA framework in 1/10 th of the cost and time
  • Comes with the option of multiple OS, Database and Application server
  • Seamless integration with all functions of business
  • Scalable & robost solution for small and medium enterprises
  • Mobile module for ‘anytime, anywhere’ access
  • Available on cloud and on-premise
  • Provides end-to-end visibility of your business

Why Profitplus Cloud ERP?

  • An ERP with 100% success rate where the industry standard average success rate is less than 40%
  • Comes with the option of multiple OS, Database and Application server
  • Comes along with Auvit BPA framework which helps to do customizations on the fly
  • Seamless API integration with other enterprise systems
  • Fully integrated enterprise system for your business
  • Built-in process packs with industry best practices
  • Flexible parameterisation – adapts to changing business climates
  • Incorporating all new technologies like Mobile apps, GPS, Geo tagging, 128 bit SSL security, Multi-tenant architecture