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Solutions - Insurance

Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions

Trinity Communications modern enterprise suite provides robust core and advanced processing capabilities for all business lines of insurance. The comprehensive business management system unifies all underwriting & claims process management functions as well as core business functions like financial management and reinsurance. The unique architecture provides the seamless integration and collaboration across the entire eco-system of insurer, re-insurers, insurance agencies and brokers.

Our intuitive interface allows every authorized member of the organization to quickly view, schedule and executes everyday tasks. It increases management control and improves accountability for decision-making throughout the organization.

The organization can achieve greater consistency and improve accountability in key marketing, CRM, underwriting, claims processing and cash disbursement activities. Reduce errors, training time for new employees and expense ratios. Increase efficiency, productivity and customer service.

Our Products

Pricing Engine

Our Pricing Engine solution is aimed to create and optimize dynamic pricing strategies in real time to out-price the competition for all motor and non-motor products.

  • Configurable rating engine
  • Flexible product configurator
  • Risk is priced based on parameters
  • Design pricing model for new product
  • Single source for premium calculation
  • Formula-based (Mathematical) configuration
  • Business logic can be shared across applications, thereby promoting consistent behavior throughout the enterprise
  • Can be enhanced by a modular concept for other product offerings even in life and health insurance segments

Claims Management

Claims management is the largest cost center for insurers for effective and efficient settlement of claims attracting more customers and leading to increased top-line.

  • Speedy processing & settlement of claims
  • Flexibility to set role-based approval limits
  • Standard and Compliance Report generation
  • Process and capture all claimant and service provider transactions
  • Report on reserves, payments and recoveries across all lines of business
  • Extensive reporting, including both standard and ad-hoc reporting
  • Strengthens reporting capability, risk awareness and cost controlrting
  • Customers can know the claim status

Point of Sale

POS is a fully integrated web-based application, which enables the end users (customers & agents) to generate online policy based on parameters set in underwriting guidelines.

  • Mobile Application for user comfort
  • Admin operations and management
  • Effective agency control
  • Optimum data inputs and processes
  • Scalability measurements using dashboards
  • Quick implementation of pricing and new products to the market
  • Self-tracking of performance
  • Cost effective
  • Enhanced management and control of agents

Our features

  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Creating consistent processes for key activities
  • Simplifying cross training
  • Enhancing activity scheduling and time management
  • Tracking productivity
  • Triggering pre-determined events to ensure quality control
  • Real-time sales and marketing analysis
  • Channel performance insights
  • Operational performance management and monitoring
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting solution
  • Speedy processing and settlement of claims
  • Native mobile apps

Our Partners

  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Google
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • VMware