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Solutions - AUVIT Business Process Automation Technology

AUVIT Business Process Automation

AUVIT Business Process Automation Technology

Today the software industry which develops enterprise wide software like ERP, CRM, and SCM etc. is finding it a great challenge to implement their software successfully for business houses. The statistics shows that the ERP implementation success rate world-wide is only 46%!.

With millions of lines of program code, it is impossible to keep making changes in the software as business dynamics change. The gap between the requirement and the delivery is so huge that it finally leads to enormous delay, cost escalation and finally implementation failures.

To answer the challenge of change, we have created a completely new technology called Auvit BPA (Auvit Business Process Automation) which Converts Enterprise Business processes into working enterprise class software without the need for writing thousands of lines of program code.

A developer with domain knowledge can create enterprise class software by defining the business processes step by step and finally get the process implemented completely. That means we get business class software by specifying ‘what we want’ and ‘not writing any code’ to achieve it. This makes the software development cycle simple, quick and fun, taking it closer to Domain experts than to software developers.

If you can reduce the development time by one tenth, that is, a months’ work in 3 days’, and if writing thousands of lines program code can be reduced to few lines of Process definitions, and if a software can be made by specifying ‘what we want’ rather than supplying the ‘logic to achieve it’, Just see what difference it makes to an Enterprise and the person who develops the solution.

Benefits to the Enterprises:

The Cost

AUVIT BPA brings down the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) which includes cost of Licenses, Implementation, Customization during and post implementation If a months’ work can be done in 3days, you need to pay 3 days and wait for only 3 days. Yes there is a tremendous cost saving in the present and in the future. AUVIT BPA converts huge capital cost into affordable operating monthly cost.

Business at finger tips

Enterprise today needs to take informed decisions quickly based on real time and validated information. AUVIT BPA based ERP solution provides access to the information system through Web and Mobile platform anywhere from the world. All Business KPIs, Deviations, Approvals can be seen and executed with your smart phones or Pads or lap tops from anywhere.

The Future

Post go-live, major problems faced by the customer in using enterprise software is that as the business processes change due to growth or due to external and internal change factors, the software is not agile enough to accommodate the changes. AUVIT BPA helps in changing the solution quickly and cost effectively thus making the software grow with the needs!


As long as you use an enterprise solution, your dependency on the vendor for maintaining and customizing the solution for new requirements is mandatory. You, as a customer may feel there is too much of dependency on the vendor. To address this issue, we does lease its BPA platform to corporate customers having internal IT team to make them self dependent.


Today, this is one of the most talked about topic in IT and Enterprise sector. CLOUD offers a great advantage in converting huge capital cost into affordable monthly operating cost, in addition to offering many other benefits. AUVIT BPA is on CLOUD technology and also incorporates latest security technologies to ensure secured CLOUD access.

The Fitting

AUVIT BPA makes the customization process simple and quick so that all the critical customization requirements, which are specific to a customer, can be accommodated during the implementation with very less cost and time. This makes the solution almost 100% fit to the customer.

AUVIT BPA features:

  • Define and Map Program construct to process steps
  • Options of choosing OS, DB & AS for your application
  • 350+ in-built functions ready to us
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Built-in n-level configurable approval & delegation model
  • Complete Integration between all functions
  • SMS, Email or Instant Dash Board updates
  • External documents handling
  • Multilingual Support
  • Best Grid Handling at Multiple levels
  • Remember Me Services
  • Extensive Data Validation and Controls
  • Access Control to the field level
  • Audit Trail
  • Export/Import - CSV, HTML and PD
  • Drag Drop Reports
  • Jasper & Crystal Integration
  • Graphical Dashboards
  • Calendar
  • Scheduler and Quartz
  • Barcode
  • Macros to save time