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Solutions - Safety and Health Management

Safety and Health Management(SHM)

Workplace safety, employee health and environment are major areas where businesses and industries are expected to focus to meet governmental regulations and compliance requirements. The purpose of EHS is to ensure that safety norms are complied.

Failure to monitor can lead to compromising employee safety. SHM focuses on monitoring health and safety management through following established safe working environment practices.

How SHM Impacts Safety in Operations

SHM is compatible with multiple hand devices and stays connected to a central repository where safety practices can be evaluated and corrective steps taken on time. It is a futuristic, fully-loaded, feature driven safety and health management system software for accessing and preventing accidents and damages to assets.

Our SHM is more than just reporting software or application. It can detect non-compliance in factories, construction sites, hospitals and prevent workplace hazards. EHS is a multi-device and cross-platform compatible application that can be installed in phones, laptops or desktops that use Android, iOS or Windows. EHS is ideally suited for building construction sites, hospitals,manufacturing industries, mining operations, transport & logistics, harbor operations, cargo handling and hazardous chemicals manufacturing plants

Advantages of SHM

  • Automates compliance processes – eliminates human errors
  • Digitalised procedures – faster recording of events
  • Eliminates inconsistent data – uniformity in data flow
  • Instant data sharing – allows to take corrective steps immediately
  • On-spot reports – corrective steps taken on the spot
  • Real-time capturing – non-compliance captured and reported instantly
  • Analyse data at site – saves time and reporting time