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Solutions - Banking

Banking Solutions

Banking Solutions

Trinity Communications provide cutting edge and comprehensive business driven technology solutions to banks & financial institutions. Over the years, we have earned the reputation of delivering innovative and high performance solutions, aligning with the current and the futuristic trends of the global banking & finance sector. Our expertise has helped many banking & finance companies to process, predict and manage transactional data, thereby enabling them to deliver measurable and incremental benefits to their stakeholders.

Our enterprise-class solutions has helped banks & financial institutions in enhancing operational efficiency, thus improving customer experience across channels. Our deep domain expertise upgrades the scalability and resilience of your banking platform, resulting in high performance even in the midst of complex, risky and low-margin environments.

Trinity Communications robust and comprehensive solution for Treasury Operations to handle FX Trades, Trade relevant documents, define and monitor FX Limits, Settlement charge calculation and generate customized reports for both operational needs and Regulatory Reports.

This application is designed on a customizable framework to handle any kind of regulatory changes from RBI/Regulatory bodies on Treasury operations.

Our features

  • One time set-up
  • Configurable Documents tracking Matrix
  • Scanning
  • Configurable Limit set-up Matrix
  • Trade prerequisites & Good to Trade
  • Trade process Management
  • Limit Rebalance & Monitoring
  • Currency Linkage
  • Interfaces
  • Exception Documents Handling
  • Dynamic Report Generation
  • Configurable E-mail & Letter Template

Our Partners

  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Google
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • VMware