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Solutions - Event Management System

Event Management System(EMS)

Event Management System(EMS) is an all-encompassing online event management system made for event organizations that focus on the national tourism industry. It makes selling and distributing tickets scientific and effortless with all operation being carried out over the internet. Event organizations can use it for expanding their point of sales (POS) across a wide range of territories and at convenient locations through exclusive kiosks, e-ticket booths, IVR phones and even through handheld mobile ticketing machines. Our EMS uses appropriate technologies to provide a firm foothold over inventories, sales realizations, and distribution channels. It is a complete event manager enabled to print tickets, offer discounts, issue and redeem vouchers under a centralized command structure.

EMS is a multi-company, multi-branch and multi-currency compatible event tracking software that can be customized with their own logo to give patron companies a unique identity and brand image. It is a high-on-feature complete event manager designed to give ticket buyers, tour operators, and guides a powerful tool.

At the core of our event tracking software is a centralized server that connects seamlessly with all selling nodes making it possible for user-companies to sell tickets all over the world on a real-time basis. Our EMS is secure, safe and follows the highest industry standards for internet transactions to accept payments from an array of payment gateways.

Sell Tickets in 4 different Ways

EMS Advantages

  • Centralised Operations – provides total control
  • Multi-point Sales – enlarges territory for sales
  • Multi-currency enabled – ideally suited for international sales
  • Handheld Device Compatibility – choice of a wide array of devices
  • Promotes Brand Image – gives your business a positive image
  • Easily accept payments – access and integrates with multiple gateways